Growing Up is the Most Generic Title Ever

The time has finally come.

I mean, I knew it would, but not so soon. Or maybe it was soon enough. Who knows, it’s probably the right time of the month and as soon as I see red it will all go to shit.

Regardless…*sigh*…I feel that urge to finally grow up.

I mean, I’ve already grown up.  I am an adult, I pay taxes and bills and go to that pitiful excuse for a job. What I mean is that…I’m getting more serious about what I want out of life. Hell, I know more about what I want out of life. Things do change and some of this might still change, but it’s getting more concrete.

Also, the things that used to entertain me just no longer entertain me; because of this, I feel like I am letting my younger self down. I’m not. Again, people and things change. I know a little more, I’ve lived a little more. I have a lot more living to do. Yeah, the dreams I had for myself are more solid, or non-existent now that I know myself better (partying in Miami? I’m an introvert and drinking alcohol isn’t all that anymore) and that’s fine. I can let go of the notion of who I’m supposed to be, hell, I have let go of the notion of who I’m supposed to be, and getting comfortable with who I am. That, for me, is the best part of growing up; I’m better than I once was and I can only keep getting better.

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