We’ve Been in Mourning the Entire Year

Representative John Lewis has passed away.

I barely reacted to it.

Not because I’m insensitive. John Lewis is a legend, he’s fought for us his entire life, took beatings on top of beatings and endured things that many of us, such as a certain bitch made former mack turned sentient piece of shit, would crumble under. His loss is felt.

John Lewis just has the distinction of dying in 2020, a year where we’ve seen a massive amount of death on both a public and private scale. We’ve lost Kobe, his daughter Gigi and seven other souls in a helicopter accident at the beginning of this year, and throughout the year, Little Richard, Andre Harrell, Rocky Johnson and numerous other public figures both in America and across the world have passed on. Take a look at the notable 2020 deaths on Wikipedia and curl into a ball of despair as you go through each article. Just in this month of July, in addition to Representative Lewis, Naya Rivera, Kelly Preston and Ennio Morricone all passed away due to various causes.

Furthermore, due to the COVID-19 pandemic still raging in America due to our own incompetence, we’ve lost 143,000 lives and counting.

We’ve lost even more lives due to police brutality, lynchings masquerading as suicides, and the all too common murder many of our cities experience on a regular basis.

We are seven months into 2020 and we’ve been in mouring the entire year. I feel like I have no more grief left to give. We’re mourning public figures, we’re mourning friends and family, hell, we’re even mourning the loss of our old ways of life. 2020 is a year of sorrow that we have yet to see the end of. We have five months left, no let up in sight of the coronavirus and there’s a presidential election in November.

Rest in peace to the lives lost this year.

Featured Photo by Irina Anastasiu from Pexels

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