#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 10 – Revenge

See, I can’t write happy songs when I have an actual object of affection to focus in on. Same person who inspried Unrequited inspired this one after some early social media fuckery.

Revenge Written 5/29/07

You let me die

A cold, slow, miserable death

Cut off my lifeline

Withered away til there’s nothing left

And now I roam as a spirit

Because you’ve set me free

I’ll let the whole world hear it

Because you’ve let me be

Erasing me from your existence

Is the best thing you did

I didn’t put up any resistance

Now of me you are rid

And I’m not going to be bitter about this

I let you murder me quietly

I know by you I will not be missed

You will forget me entirely

You’ve let me die

Resigned to a wretched fate

I don’t wonder why

You’ve left me to lie in state

So here and now I am a ghost

Of my former self

No longer feeding off the host

Of what you have left

Absolving yourself of your sin

So can be pure

Absolution from within

So you can endure

The feeling gnawing at your insides

Because I didn’t put up a fight

This is the shame from which you can’t hide

Even though I’m no longer in your sight

You have my blood all over your hands

And the memory of me gets you scared

The memory of me is what you can’t stand

Therefore your life will be so unfair

You’ve let me die

In truth though I can never be dead

You’re living a lie

Because I still roam around in your head

The manifestation of what once lived

It eats away at your soul

What you have took is what I give

Leaving your body all cold

Killing me has left you unhinged

And now you’re left clawing at your skin

You will not be absolved of your sin

This is my greatest revenge

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