#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 8 – Fire Starter

Here we go again with another edition of the #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour. We’re going back to 2003, that was a hell of a year in my teen years. Left middle school for high school, and a bunch of other shit I’ll get into later. Anyway, I like to say this one wasn’t inspired by anyone, because niggas only inspire me to write sad songs.

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#InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 8 – All The Things She Said

Bored Ambition is far from prudish. I definitely don’t shame kinks, unless you’re into kids or animals, those aren’t kinks, that is reprehensible and you deserve to burn in hellfire for three eternities.

With that being said, even now, I have limits. Back when this video came out though, I had even more.

t.A.T.u. was a duo out of Russia and they exploded on American shores with their 2002 video for “All The Things She Said.” Video aside, I fucks heavily with the song, and it was also dope that professional wrestler Victoria used it as her entrance theme when she debuted on the main roster in the WWE.

The video itself, however, whew, that was a fucking lot. The thing I was most worried about was someone walking in on me watching that video.

Upon a rewatch though, being older, more mature, I also can appreciate the story that the video is trying to tell, simple as it may be. We have a bunch of people standing behind a fence topped with barbed wire, umbrellas protecting them from the torrential downpour they just so happened to find themselves in. They take turns staring and jeering at the two band members who are basically being distressed about the crowd, professing their feelings to one another and making out in the rain. Towards the end of the video, it’s basically revealed that their audience are the ones trapped in a cage and the girls were atually able to take a short walk to freedom.

I’m not professing that it’s a very deep video, the message becomes a bit shallow in the wake of all the making out, but again, they tried.

Anyway, here it is.

Work Smarter, Not Harder (Administrative Vol. 2)

We’re in the thick of summer as well as being half way through this fuck ass year that refuses to let up on us. Jesus be something other than this shit right here.

Anyway, I’m bringing back what I originally and still intend on being a series, #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour and #InternetKilledTheVideoStar. You saw yesterday’s post and there will be a post tomorrow. The Wednesday slot will be whatever I feel like putting here.

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