#InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 10 – Unleash the Dragon

See, this is what happens when you get too big for your britches. This is what happens when you have people around you that no longer know how to tell you no. This is what happens when you try to stretch the limits of your creativity. You get the video for "Unleash the Dragon." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWBCuHeZUUgContinue reading #InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 10 – Unleash the Dragon

#InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 8 – All The Things She Said

Bored Ambition is far from prudish. I definitely don't shame kinks, unless you're into kids or animals, those aren't kinks, that is reprehensible and you deserve to burn in hellfire for three eternities. With that being said, even now, I have limits. Back when this video came out though, I had even more. t.A.T.u. was … Continue reading #InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 8 – All The Things She Said

#InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 2: Virtual Insanity

This is the song that predicted all of this shit. Tell me, I challenge you, that we are not living in a world of virtual insanity. Granted, Jay Kay, the lead singer of the funk/acid Jazz band Jamiroquai wasn't really getting into cell phones and computers and all of the goodness that we enjoy today, … Continue reading #InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 2: Virtual Insanity

#InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 1: Sledgehammer

If you're looking for Rihanna or Fifth Harmony, you need to leave, because they're not here. With that out of the way, once upon a time, music videos were my life. My brother and oldest sister were in middle school and high school when I was but a wee lass, empire being the farthest thing … Continue reading #InternetKilledtheVideoStar Vol. 1: Sledgehammer