#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 7 – Unrequited

We're back with another, long time installment to #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour. This was one of the early ones, written about someone who shall not be named way back in our young and dumb years. Unrequited Written 10/26/04 and 11/25/06 You keep on taunting me With the way you move Your body keeps on hypnotizing me so much … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 7 – Unrequited

#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 1: Shame

*Note, this is an excerpt from the yet to be published collection Everything But the Kitchen Sink. I'm putting myself out there y'all. Shame             So this is a duet. Two ain’t shit partners who realize that they collectively ain’t shit. The perfect relationship. Shame Written 2/16/05 1 This ain’t another break up song That’s the last … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 1: Shame

Snap, Crackling, Cherry Popping Good

My co-woker split a bag of cherries with me. Get you mind out of the gutter. Now put it back in. I'm nuturing my desires more, really coming to grips with what I want. Maybe soon I'll be able to say them out loud without the fear of it not being understood or reciprocated. Possession. … Continue reading Snap, Crackling, Cherry Popping Good

It Should’ve Been Me

I finally gave up on you about two and a half years ago. Once you told me you loved me and then apologized for the excess...for the years of trying to fuck and it not happening...I knew it was a lie, and my heart finally said fuck it. It wasn't love for you. Probably wasn't … Continue reading It Should’ve Been Me