They Still Haven’t Arrested Breonna Taylor’s Murderers

Just because the news media has moved on doesn't mean that we have. Sign the petition here:

White Supremacy is a Death Cult

I hesitated on posting this. I worried mostly about getting me and my loved ones doxxed if this post gained any traction out in these digital streets. The news about Ahmaud Arbery was just trickling in when I originally put this down and of course, COVID-19. So I put it down. Then Breonna Taylor and … Continue reading White Supremacy is a Death Cult

I Don’t Have the Answers

You know, it's wild, I thought I had a post lined up for today and I didn't. Maybe that was a stroke of creative luck because I have something to say that I didn't plan on saying. I found out about Alton Sterling's murder in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last night before I went to bed. … Continue reading I Don’t Have the Answers