#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 16 -Tango

This is one of the Unsungs. It's acutally not a song. JUst something I felt like getting off my chest. Tango Written 9/6/06 We keep on tangoing with each other Even though we have other people to tango with We like to tango with them But our tango is neverending

#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 6: True Friends Stab You in the Front

From the collection The Unsungs The Unsungs are the items that didn't fit my stands to make a collection or incomplete items, or just simple poems. True Friends Stab You in the Front- Written 12/14/10 And I know where my real friends stand As they face me with the knife in their hand And they … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 6: True Friends Stab You in the Front

#RhythmandBluesVariety HourVol. 5: Thunder in Paradise

From the collection Kingdom First, fuck Hulk Hogan. Thunder in Paradise was his foray into first-run syndication television territory and it lasted for a good eight months and one television movie back in 1993-1994. Thunder was the boat. I found it to be a dope title. Thunder in Paradise- Written 10/9/11 There’s a darkness in … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVariety HourVol. 5: Thunder in Paradise

#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 4: Another Shame

This is included in the collection Everything But the Kitchen Sink Obsessive lust is a bitch. I never want to feel that way about anyone again. But damn if it wasn't inspiring. Another Shame Written 5/10/06 Now what have all my efforts been for If I’m gonna go running back to your door Cause I’m a … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 4: Another Shame

#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 3: Living in Insanity

When I say I've been dealing with this monster in my head for years, I mean it. This piece goes back to college, but I probably had the melody and some of the words for it down in high school somewhere. If I have to say so myself, this is one of the most honest … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 3: Living in Insanity

#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 2: Bad Influence

*Note: This is from the as yet unpublished collection Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Bad Influence Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian stole our name; me and Jalysa were the original Bad Influence tag team. Bad Influence Written 7/22/05 Awww shit…. I’ll have you crazy in a week Make it hard for you to speak I’ll have … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 2: Bad Influence

#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 1: Shame

*Note, this is an excerpt from the yet to be published collection Everything But the Kitchen Sink. I'm putting myself out there y'all. Shame             So this is a duet. Two ain’t shit partners who realize that they collectively ain’t shit. The perfect relationship. Shame Written 2/16/05 1 This ain’t another break up song That’s the last … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 1: Shame