White Supremacy is a Death Cult

I hesitated on posting this. I worried mostly about getting me and my loved ones doxxed if this post gained any traction out in these digital streets. The news about Ahmaud Arbery was just trickling in when I originally put this down and of course, COVID-19. So I put it down. Then Breonna Taylor and … Continue reading White Supremacy is a Death Cult

Wrestling with Wrestling

I don't claim to be woke. Anymore. I've come to despise the term because it's been co-opted by so many different people in so many different ways that it's lost all it's original meaning. Anyone who displays a Hooked on Phonics level of knowledge and compassion for the plight of the marginalized gets labeled as … Continue reading Wrestling with Wrestling

How To Watch an Empire Fall

The narrative usually says that tragedy turns into triumph. An individual or an organization overcomes some tragedy and either in the midst of or after facing a period of grieving, they come back better than ever, stronger, you know that corny type of stuff. This entire month so far has been filled with tragedy, the … Continue reading How To Watch an Empire Fall