#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 10 – Revenge

See, I can't write happy songs when I have an actual object of affection to focus in on. Same person who inspried Unrequited inspired this one after some early social media fuckery. Revenge Written 5/29/07 You let me die A cold, slow, miserable death Cut off my lifeline Withered away til there’s nothing left And … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 10 – Revenge

#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 9 – Do You Wanna?

Freaky shit. Do You Wanna Written 2005 Do you wanna get high tonight I got that good shit baby make you feel alright Do you wanna feel ecstasy Slide out your clothes and get next to me Come on baby you either do or you don’t I’ll talk to you dirty just like you want … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 9 – Do You Wanna?

#RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 8 – Fire Starter

Here we go again with another edition of the #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour. We're going back to 2003, that was a hell of a year in my teen years. Left middle school for high school, and a bunch of other shit I'll get into later. Anyway, I like to say this one wasn't inspired by anyone, because niggas … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour Vol. 8 – Fire Starter

#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 7 – Unrequited

We're back with another, long time installment to #RhythmandBluesVarietyHour. This was one of the early ones, written about someone who shall not be named way back in our young and dumb years. Unrequited Written 10/26/04 and 11/25/06 You keep on taunting me With the way you move Your body keeps on hypnotizing me so much … Continue reading #RhythmandBluesVariety Hour Vol. 7 – Unrequited

What It Really Is

Per dictionary.com I talk about anxiety quite a bit. It is a topic of frequent thought and conversation in my life. There is one word in that definition that I want you to pay the most attention to. Fear. Per dictionary.com I want to bring your attention to that word, because for the most part, … Continue reading What It Really Is

The Art of Storytelling

I've been writing for 20 years. I always knew I wanted writing to be involved in my life, but up until high school, I didn't believe that I would actually make a career out of it because becoming a successful writer, especially back when I first considering it was a bit difficult.* So I always … Continue reading The Art of Storytelling

I Got What I Wanted

You know, I really dislike having a fucking job. I like making money, but I dislike having a fucking job. I say that because it's fucking December and my last post was in February and I had this whole plan to be posting at least once a month this year and yet here the hell … Continue reading I Got What I Wanted

We’re on Ko-fi!!!!/A Thank You Post

For a while, I struggled with whether or not I should do like so many other creators and post a link to a PayPal or CashApp or Patreon link so that the people who read this site could send me money in support of the work that I do. I'll admit that is was mostly … Continue reading We’re on Ko-fi!!!!/A Thank You Post

New Year, Same Me?

I don't like making New Year's resolutions. I don't like them because I don't keep them and I don't keep them because the pressure to make and keep them becomes too much and I end up saying fuck it at least a week into the new year. The act of making resolutions for me is … Continue reading New Year, Same Me?

Thinking of Us or, Why Thinkpieces Give Me Heart Palpitations: A Personal Essay

Pop culture wise, 2018 has been Black as fuck. I'm sure we've had Blacker years, but I bet that 2018 will rank highly among them. Music was good, strides were made in television, and the movies? LAWWWWWDD THE MOVIES!!!! If we weren't the central focus of the narrative, we were definitely up in that bitch … Continue reading Thinking of Us or, Why Thinkpieces Give Me Heart Palpitations: A Personal Essay