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#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour: True Friends Stab You in the Front

From the collection The Unsungs The Unsungs are the items that didn’t fit my stands to make a collection or incomplete items, or just simple poems. True Friends Stab You in the Front- Written 12/14/10 And I know where my real friends stand As they face me with the knife in their hand And they …

#RhythmandBluesVariety Hour: Thunder in Paradise

From the collection Kingdom First, fuck Hulk Hogan. Thunder in Paradise was his foray into first-run syndication television territory and it lasted for a good eight months and one television movie back in 1993-1994. Thunder was the boat. I found it to be a dope title. Thunder in Paradise- Written 10/9/11 There’s a darkness in …

Rants and Vents

I’ve been very open and honest about my own journey with mental health and I am an advocate for being able to openly express your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Sometimes just having someone listen to us, without comment, can do wonders.

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For Hooking Info….



What does crochet have to do with hooking? 

Well, considering the fact that you use a hook instead of a pair of needles, crochet also has associations with the World’s Oldest Profession, associations that may or may not be warranted.

So if you are looking for a hooker…

You’ve come to the right place.


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